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27 categories of food are not allowed to add flavors and fragrances


Beginning August 20, the National new "food additive standard," the official implementation of the provisions expressly prohibit foods add 27, abusers would face severe punishment or even go to prison.
The 27 categories of food are: pasteurized milk, sterilized milk, fermented milk, cream, vegetable oils, animal fats, anhydrous butter and anhydrous milk fat, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables, fresh edible fungus and algae, frozen edible fungi and algae, raw grain, rice, wheat flour, grains flour, food starch, fresh meat, fresh fish, eggs, sugar, honey, salt and salt substitutes products, within June infant formula, drinking natural mineral water , purified drinking water, the other drinking water.
There are three kinds of additives allowed rice
According to the new "standard", the rice can add three additives, sodium diacetate namely, deacetylation of chitin (also known as chitosan), starch, sodium phosphate, but have strict usage and residues of indicators.
Abuse of additives or held criminally liable
According to regulations, companies such as the emergence of safety problems in food additives, in addition to severe financial penalties, the responsible person will be subjected to more than three years of punishment.

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