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Snacks additive is difficult to achieve "zero" add


When shopping at the supermarket, it is easy to see some banner ads claim "no preservatives, no coloring, no additives" such as "zero-added" concept of the food. These foods contain food additives really do?
In Beijing, several supermarkets, can be found on the packaging marked with "no preservatives," "natural" foods with a few large size, variety, including fruit juice, yogurt, spices, candied fruit, but the price adding much higher than the food, and some even several times higher. Among them, the Kowloon vegetarian plum hit all-natural plum juice slogan, water, plum, sugar, sweet-scented osmanthus, hawthorn, licorice, orange peel, refined salt which was written on the ingredients, its 400ml price of 3.8 yuan, while a brand malic acid , caramel color, food flavors of plum juice 500ml for only 2.5 yuan. Even with a brand that contains zero added products and additives in food prices is also a great disparity; labeling does not contain preservatives, no pigment 200ml Huiyuan 100% orange juice price of 3.95 yuan, while the other section of citric acid, Ann Acesulfame, food additives and other seven flavors of orange juice price is only 0.99 yuan.
For zero added food, Liu Ching-Jun, director of the Beijing Physical and Chemical Analysis Center, said some food companies play the "zero-added" banner, primarily for marketing, but without adding a particular additive, but no real zero added. Modern processed foods full of food additives do not difficult, because the food chain is very long, even if some of the food production process without direct addition of food additives, and other ingredients used in food additives may contain, but some food companies with traditional condiments instead of food additives is a better way to try to meet market demand.
"Zero added food first test of the integrity of the enterprise, known as a selling point for some companies add zero technology products for the consumer is misleading. This requires the food business integrity first, the relevant functional departments should intensify supervision of zero added food Meanwhile, consumers do not blindly trust, we should see more of the list of ingredients for comparison. "food safety expert Dong Jinshi said.

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