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Seven Kinds of Plant Odor effective insect repellent


There are a few special aromatic plants, because of their own special flavor and play driving mosquitoes effect. However, to remind you, the living room, the bedroom should not put too many plants have a special flavor because the flavor too thick likely to cause physical discomfort, such as nausea, heart palpitations, improper exposure can also cause allergies, it is reasonable to choose the right amount of plant
1. Mint
Mosquitoes are more sensitive to the smell of mint, peppermint grass just on the bedroom window where the blade every evening to spray some water, so that the full flavor comes out, unbearable mint mosquitoes will escape. Such as mosquito bites, itching can also be a refreshing mint juice.
2. wormwood
Wormwood which contains a special aromatic substances that can Huoxuetongluo. The dried leaves, etc. knead the rope, lit into the chamber for 5-6 minutes and then off, leaving their fragrance interior, its smoke can be repellent. Leaves Chinese medicine, which, compared to mosquito coils, harmless, and in good insect repellent effect. Wormwood leaves sold in pharmacies.
3. Jasmine
Jasmine aroma, is the most common aromatic potted flowers. Jasmine flowers are called repellent top, mainly because of jasmine fragrant, mosquitoes can not stand such a rich flavor.
We can put in the bedroom, living room and other places Jasmine, you can also put jasmine dried, pressed into juice like perfume samples erupted. Let buzzing mosquitoes "smell the mere mention of" away.
4. lemongrass
Lemongrass grassy citronella belongs collectively about 55 kinds of aromatic plants, one of the common herbs. Because lemon aroma, it is also known as lemon grass. It smells can repel mosquitoes, fleas, reduce ward bacteria.
Lemongrass can be made into bracelets, worn on the hand, a simple and easy to carry. Also with bergamot, it Jiali, geranium, lavender, orange blossom, mint, bitter orange leaves, sage, ylang ylang essential oils into Deng reconcile, can also play a repellent effect.
5. Lavender
Lavender is a blue-violet flowers, like dried flowers shaped like a small wheat, usually bloom in June, itself has insecticidal function. Lavender is quite common vanilla, most because of its efficacy, known as the "vanilla after." Since ancient times, widely used in medical, stems and leaves can be used as medicine, a stomach, sweating, analgesic effect, is the treatment of colds, abdominal pain. Lavender common features are sleep aids, the smell of it can also play a role in insect repellent. We can make the lavender sachet in the closet, you can also put the pillow with insect repellent effect.
6. basil
Basil spicy Yu Shu gas, warm and loose, gentle skill, commonly used in cooking basil belongs to integrated cross-commodity, both medicinal and is commonly used in clinical medicine, but also edible.
Basil, lavender, tuberose, M. buster as raw material, can be made sachet, either Qi Jianwei, Qushu Agastache, mint Touzhen, energy and the solid form, get rid of mosquitoes.
7. Marigold
Marigold, Asteraceae, also known as smelly chrysanthemum, because its blade edge several pieces of large glands can emit special flavor named. It is an annual flower, opposite leaves, leaf stems densely short bristle, flower fragrance, insect repellent effect is obvious.

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