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What are the essential oils?


All plants will carry out photosynthesis, the cells secrete fragrant molecules. These elements converge into a sachet, spread the petals, leaves, tree trunks. After refining the sachet extracted, it becomes what we call essential oils. Taken from the herb leaves, flowers, seeds, fruits, roots, bark, resin, wood and other distillation methods to extract out of the press, it is highly aromatic and volatile vegetable oil. Since the aroma oils of high volatility, and small molecules easily absorbed by the body, and can quickly penetrate the human body organs, the excess component excreted, the whole process can take several minutes, and the smell of the plant itself, but also directly stimulate the brain pituitary gland secretion, enzymes and hormones, balance body function, play a role in skin care. Essential oils can be combined with the more than 250 different molecules together. In the arrangement of nature, these molecules co-exist with perfect proportions, so that each plant has its own peculiarities, essential oils can be imagined mysteries of the human body is extremely broad. Essential oils are highly concentrated aromatic plant extracts.

Essential oils, plant hormones can be said, with the same human life constitute the material and energy, and molecular fine essential oils, high penetration, fast penetration, penetration effect is 50-70 times the norm, it can be extremely effective and out of the body without leaving any toxins. Studies have shown that essential oils are not the same as the chemicals left in the body, it is through the urine, sweat, breath and drained. Normal healthy people, the discharge time takes 3 to 6 hours. Even for healthy people, is also only 14 hours. It can purify the air and sterilization, providing cellular nutrition, increase immune function, physical and mental balance and so on. Essential oils are highly volatile, it will evaporate quickly when exposed to air, and for this reason, must be sealed oil bottle storage bottle once opened use, but also to quickly cover back cover.

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