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Oil classification


1, essential oils
Is simply an essential oil, oil will not mix. Can be divided into two subcategories: pure essential oils and essential oils unilateral straight-to-use.
Pure essential oils are simply refers to an essential oil, will not mix different oils or add any solvent, base oil, 100 per cent concentration, generally can not be directly applied to the skin, it must be transferred to a certain percentage of the base oil diluted before use. (Lavender and tea tree is an exception)
Unilateral straight-to-use pure essential oils is an essential oil, but there is added a percentage of base oil, is already reconciled and ready to be applied directly to the skin.

2, the base oil
Base oil, also known as carrier oils, refers to one or more dilution and a high concentration of essential oils pure plant oil medium. Because pure essential oils irritating very strong, rubbed directly on the skin can cause injury, so the oil must first be diluted before use on the skin, base oils are the seeds of various plants, fruit via the press after the first extraction non-volatile oil, the oil can be used as skin care, but also the production of base oil massage oil. Base oil plant itself has a curative effect, the vegetable oil is a good source of nutrition and energy, with which the body can produce heat, it is an excellent source of protein. When we use the base oil plant dilute essential oils, refer to the proportion.
Like grape seed oil, wheat germ oil belonging fatty oils, when shaking to give people the feeling of a mesh-like waterlines, but this is not cloudy fatty oil properties. If the temperature is too low, there will be solidification phenomena, like cooking oil, the temperature returns to normal phenomenon will disappear.
3, compound essential oils
Compound essential oils, also called composite oil refers to several essential oils has been a good match, the recipe of essential oils can work immediately used by the general R & D firms to study various properties and chemical properties of different essential oils, after the deployment of a combination of finished products, the use of on very convenient, as if with a good prescription medicines. Is the recipe of essential oils can be used immediately for lesions on human potential and other aspects to improve conditioning.
4, pure dew
Pure natural essential oils when distilled dew condensed water, natural hydrosol sometimes found naked eye can perceive floes. Of course, pure dew as a natural extract also has its drawback, it is prone to floc or precipitate, like a natural fruit juice prone to precipitation, these are primarily pectin substances, flocculation under conditions of light and heat, decomposition produce pectin acid precipitation. However, a relatively small number, will not affect the quality. Hydrosols appearance Even so, but nature is particularly stable. This is due to the saturation of the plant extract has not allowed the growth of bacteria, which form a relatively stable colloidal environment. So naturally pure dew and skin permeability is a good affinity beauty products saint.

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