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Tasting three elements essential oils


As oil extract plant extracts, with its natural and efficient features, gradually being recognized and loved by everyone, with the oil market to grow, more and more oil brand emerged, how to identify the quality of essential oils become consumers factors buy essential oils required course, affect the quality of a lot of oil, through the following three elements to be identified.
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 Good quality oil, in addition to good or bad depends on the quality of packaging, but also marked, see origin, see the brand.
For carrying oil bottles of essential oils also have higher demand, sun, light, heat, humidity, it would undermine the essential oil components, so oil must be packed in dark glass bottles to protect its quality.
The purchase price is a factor in oil before the reference here is not to simply to distinguish between low-cost high-quality oil is good or bad, pure essential oils requires a lot of fresh plant extract natural price is not too low, but because of the wide variety of essential oils, essential oil extraction the plant itself will have the price disparity, conscientious oil brand is based on its cost to determine the sales price.
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It is the essence of natural essential oils extracted from fresh plant roots, trunk, resin, leaves, twigs, flowers, fruits, peel and seeds out of a pure and clear liquid, not only can emit a pleasant aroma on human health have curative effect, and low-grade oil whose composition is unknown, it is possible to join the mineral oils and essences, it will cause harm to the body, before buying essential oils can be opened oil bottles, light smell oil caps, determined without dizziness after feeling a deep sniff still no adverse reactions, may be initially judged to be of high purity good oil, some fruit oils such a

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