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What is the essence


1. Flavor Composition

Flavor of at least several perfume raw materials, or even dozens of natural and synthetic perfume composition, or organic complexes. Flavor of the deployment by the following composition:

① incense - shows the main characteristics of the flavor;

② together deodorant - to reconcile the various components of the aroma constituents purposes;

③ modifier - change style make perfume ingredients;

④ definite flavor - itself is not volatile, and can inhibit other volatile spices volatility, it slows volatilization;

⑤ diluent - appropriately dilute the flavor and spice and a crystalline resinous balsam for dissolution and dilution. Itself should be odorless, stable, safe and low prices.

2. The essence of volatility

The key essence can play a good role in the regulation of perfumed products is volatility, how to achieve balance and harmony head incense, fragrant body fragrance and bottom between.

Top notes - big volatility is an important determinant of flavor "image" and the "freshness" of.

Body fragrance - imparting flavor characteristic aroma, moderate volatility, is also a subject of aromas and flavors.

Base note - little volatility, correspondingly large and complex molecular structure, so that a long fragrant flavor

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