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Wardrobe and interior ingenious incense law


    Incense use citrus oils are a good choice, lemon, bergamot, lime, orange. Kusaka class is also good, very fresh, citronella, lemon grass and the like.
     If it is incense wardrobe, grassy type is very good, especially the lemongrass, cover smell good, suitable for use in the home, car, kitchen, bathroom, closet, etc. Any mildew you feel the need to convert the place smell. Selection of woody essential oils also have surprises Oh, fir oil, that thick wood flavor, let wardrobe closet like it.
     Finally, the car. Smell the new car will have some material, a old car air conditioners have an earthy smell. In my opinion, in the car with expensive crystal perfume bottle is substantially furnishings. It does not say, which is not the most natural flavor, very strong, is inherently complex car smell trouble.
     In fact, a particularly simple, is still a piece of cotton. Or paper towels inside the car is also OK ah. Quartet built a small box, into the air conditioning vent, feel free to drop two drops of your favorite essential oil what. Ha floral still not recommended, as the reason. This incense way, even if no air conditioning, only the inner loop, the car as pleasant fragrance.

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