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Natural essential oils of orange peel oil processing


Orange generally contain 2% to 3% of the oils in the food industry, chemical and pharmaceutical applications is very broad.

(A) process
Selection of raw materials → → rinsing → press lime dipped filtration and separation → → → Packaging clarification

(B) the technical points
1, the chemical and pharmaceutical applications is very broad. 1, selection of raw materials, selection of fresh non-moldy orange peel and lay it in a cool, dry place.
2, soaked lime, orange peel dipped in the concentration of 7 to 8% lime water. The above net sieve pressure to prevent cellulite float. Soak for 16 to 24 hours, two or three times during the reaction, so soaked uniform. Immersed skin was yellow, not white heart, crisp and continue appropriate.
3, rinsed, soaked lime orange peel rinse with running water, picked up the drain.
4, press the orange peel evenly into the inner spiral press, pressurized squeeze orange peel oil. Uniformly smooth slag, discharged pomace grainy, while in addition to open vents, jet spray liquid (100KG water + 1KG + 0.3KG sodium bicarbonate formulation), PH value of 7 to 8, and the amount of citrus peel equal weight, pay attention to adjust the PH value of the use.
5, filtered through a bag filter water mixture out the paste residue.
6, separation, clarification isolated orange peel oil and let stand 5 to 7 days at a temperature of 5 ~ 10 ℃, so that impurities sink. Then siphoned off the top decant oil through filter paper or filter layer of asbestos paper funnel by vacuum filtration. Pale yellow sweet orange peel oil.
7, sealed storage, the clear orange peel oil packed in galvanized iron or pottery, the seal store in a cool place to prevent volatilization and deterioration.

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