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Natural flavor of camphor oil and camphor preparation process


Camphor is our specialty trees, their roots, stems, branches, leaves contain camphor and camphor oil. Processing camphor and camphor oil is one of the rich opportunities in rural areas. Mainly extracted by distillation. Its process and methods of operation are as follows:

(1) raw material selection, camphor tree trunks, roots parts, each containing camphor and camphor oil 2% to 4%, leaves each containing from 1% to 3%. Age greater the higher the content. Large leaves bitter taste containing camphor and more spicy astringency containing camphor oil and more. Autumn best collection, then leaves with high brain volume.
(2) the stills, copper or stainless steel, can not use a wok. Steamed steaming stove set on a wooden bucket, steamer same size in diameter, set in the pot. The camphor or camphor wood leaf sheet is loaded steaming bucket. Pot of water and raw materials separated 10CM. To turn off immediately after feeding and charging port lid, then check the connections stills and cooler, they do not leak, they began to distill. When distilled water to keep the pot to prevent dry out or scorch. After the water separator as a backwater, to return to the distillation pot use.
(3) cooling the steam separator with camphor and camphor oil, through the airway into the plate-type cooler polycyclic, condensed camphor and oil floating on the surface of camphor and camphor oil with gauze filter, to obtain a crude camphor, and the rest most of camphor oil contains camphor, camphor oil it said.
(4) steaming purified extract camphor camphor oil, camphor oil into the distillation pot, secondary distillation, collecting the distillate 155-200 ℃ is called white oil. After cooling crystallized camphor white oil, then filtered, and the filtrate was distilled repeated several times, until no precipitation until the camphor, camphor oil is remaining.
(5) product packaging camphor oil should be used galvanized iron, pay attention to sealing. Camphor is colorless and transparent crystals, spicy and aromatic, should be moisture-proof paper or film, placed in wooden or cardboard box, place damp.

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