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  • Product name: Basil oil Cas:8015-73-4
  • Product Number: HQ-5102
  • weight: 0.00g
  • Added time: 2014-07-21

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Sweet Basil essential oil,Pure basil oil of high quality  Cas:8015-73-4



Description   of Basil oil:

Basil oil is derived form the plant of Ocimum sanctum belonging to family Labiatae. It has been widely grown throughout the world and commonly cultivated in gardens.

1.              Product Basil oil
2. CAS 8015-73-4
3. Specific Gravity at 15°C 0.995-1.042
4. Refractive index 1.526-1.532
5. Optical Rotation -12.7°~ -14.1°
6. Package 25~200 kg/drum
7. Item No HQ-5102
8. Solubility easy soluble in alcohol, but nearly nosoluble in water

Function of Basil oil:

1.Basil oil used to clear the minds and revive intellectual fatigue, while giving clarity and mental strength. 

2. Basil oil has been characteristic warm herbal anise like note with slightly smoky background. 3.Regarding flavour, it is sweet warm spicy anise like with bitter after taste.

4. Basil oil is used for imparting green herbal character in modern fragrances, particularly in chypre, floral, aldehydic and also in modern fougere types.

5.The general use level in such fragrances is upto 2-3%. Basil oil is also used in irther fragrances for cosmetic as well where herbal warm effect is required.

6.In eau de cologne and green type perfume, Basil oil gives very interesting effect.

7. Basil oil also find used in soap fragrances and also in other low cost fragrances as well.

  Benefits of Basil oil:

This crisp smelling essential oil is often used in aromatherapy, as it awakens the mind to clarity of thought, steadies the nerves, while easing sinus congestion, cooling down fevers and treating menstrual problems. It is used to promote digestive and stimulate circulation. The other properties of basil oil are antidepressant, antispasmodic, carmative, diaphoretic, insecticide, tonic and stimulant. It has a beneficial action on the respiratory tract and is often used for asthma, bronchitis and sinus infections. It furthermore is also effective in cases of constipation, nausea, vomiting and cramp. It helps to minimize uric acid in the blood, thus relieving gout. It is useful in arthritis as well as when used on the skin, it helps to control acne. In general meena perfumery declared that it refreshes the skin and can also be used on insect bites.

Packing /Shipping/Sample:


Packing: 25-200kg per drum ,can be  change according request,we can accept small order for this items.

Shipping: 5-7 work days after get deposit/payment

Sample: Supply 20g  free sample for check/test