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  • Product name: Patchouli oil, CAS.8014-09-3
  • Product Number: HQ-054
  • weight: 0.00g
  • Added time: 2012-12-18

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Pure natural patchouli oil,Pogostemon patchouli oil,oil of patchouli,herbs oil,CAS:8014-09-3



 Patchouli Oil Chemical Property 


Aroma: durable wood and paste incense, incense and some dried herbs, spices, earthy, with the smell of camphor, but should not be a bitter flavor.

Its fragrance is thick and durable.

The proportion of d20/20: 0.955-0.983

Refractive index:1.5050 -1.5120

Solubility: soluble in 10 volumes of 90% ethanol.


patchouli oil is the main medical components, at the same time,  patchouli oil  is also in the perfume industry an important natural spices, natural oil with a woody, earthy and herbal incense.



China GB 2760 - 96 provisions to allow the use of edible spices.

Patchouli oil is mainly used in cola beverage etc.. 

as food spices,  patchouli oil is mainly used in cola drinks and other food.